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Rachel & The JellyCats popped onto the Virginia scene in 2018. This high-energy quintet has established itself with a stellar live show, a professional attitude and good old-fashioned hard work. With influences ranging from Ruthie Foster and Nina Simone to Bill Withers and Amy  Winehouse the band draws from the last 100 years of American music and are converting  audiences one show at a time. Comparable bands would be: Lake Street Dive, Clairy Brown & The Bangin’ Rackettes, Post Modern Jukebox, Pomplamoose, Nouvelle Vogue, and Sister Sparrow. Rachel & The JellyCats shows are filled with a burlesque-like charm and a soul-like swagger. The band is one-part jazz, one-part, soul, one-part rock and all musical jelly.


Led by Rachel Micheletti, the band prides itself on its humble musicianship and comradery. There’s an honesty to the band’s performance and it comes across as they love what they do when they're on stage. Micheletti is all sass and seduction one moment which turns into purrs and growls and whispers and wails the next. Her voice is a flexible instrument comprised of sugar and grit. She is raw power but retains a sweet  innocent weakness that compliments the band’s versatile style and prowess. The band produced a 5 song song-titled EP and are gigging as much as possible, hitting festivals, breweries, clubs, bars, hole-in-the-walls and where ever purveyors of good times and good music come together that are seeking unique entertainment.


Together, the group has found the right combination of sweet and sass, of power and fragility, of new and old and is here to help make the celebration of life a little better.


VEER MAGAZINE: What happens when you take ingredients of jazz, soul, rock, and pop and combine them in your Man Men-style cocktail shaker, give it some wrist action, and pour the colorful fluid into a serviceable glass for the burlesque figure at Table 1? By the sound of it, this self-titled 5-song CD EP from Rachel & The Jellycats.

Every song is an experience and something you’ll crave to hear live in a tiny bar. What isn’t a highlight? “It’s a Man’s World,” “Lady Luck” and “Friday Night” its lushly pieced together with horns, strings, keys, a great backbeat, sax solos, and Rachel’s remarkable voice out front. Pretty cool, Daddy-O. — Jim Morrison (VA-Pilot)


Smooth, rockin', jazzy with soul and 100% entertainment! Rachel and The JellyCats are professional and friendly as they come. Recommend! - Amber Amera Hall


Songs from the 20's to today, with a unique twist. Plus, songs they have written themselves, which are sultry and soulful. Always a fun time, their songs make you want to get up and dance! - Janice Doss


It's like Mae West and Amy Winehouse reincarnated into the same body and picked up the coolest musicians they could find on their way back! - Jill Blake


Meet The Band


Rachel Michelletti

Vocals, Glitter & Glam


Nick Werner



Tony Garrett


Raul Perez

Sax & Other Horns


Matt Minguez


Jason Seas


Billy England

Piano & Keyboards

Drums & Percussion

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